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Achieve lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
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We Offer

A Safe Environment

A Fresh Start Sober Living is supervised by two dedicated house managers who are on-site 24/7, staffing our men’s only residential facility in the gorgeous coastal city of Stuart, Florida. Here, you are in a safe neighborhood and in secure housing free from drugs, alcohol, and anything else that may test your sobriety

Comfortable Accommodations

Clean, cozy, fully furnished, and decorated in warm, vibrant colors, A Fresh Start houses up to 24 men dedicated to sobriety in our apartment complex. Each unit offers a double-occupancy, two-bedroom home to call your own while you’re here.

Support That's Accountable

Through our 12-step program, we help you hold yourself accountable for your previous decisions and actions in order to support your life going forward as a newly sober man. Your recovery is in your hands.

Each Fresh Start Sober Living residence contains two(2) semi-private double occupancy bedrooms.   Each bedroom features two double beds, two dressers, nightstands, ceiling fan as well as a closet.   There is also a private screened-in porch adjoining each bedroom that can be used for quiet enjoyment and smoking.  Each bedroom is also equipped with WiFi to help meet residents’ multi-media needs.

It has been said that the opposite of addiction is connection. In our 24-bed apartment complex continuously staffed by house managers around the clock, you find a sense of community. It is a place where you can connect with other men who have lived through experiences similar to yours and who are also ready to claim sobriety just like you. 


From fellowship meetings to scheduled activities, there is plenty to do around the facility. You’re welcome to use the free Wi-Fi and cable TV we offer during your stay. Outside, you’ll find a beautiful living space, complete with a covered patio, comfy furniture, and a grill. Our modern kitchen is fully stocked with everything you need to enjoy delicious meals, as well as a dishwasher to clean up afterward.

Nothing feels as good as freedom, especially when your freedom comes from leaving a life of drugs and / or alcohol behind. When you’re truly ready to overcome addiction, A Fresh Start is here, on your team, rooting you on as you successfully transition to your new lifestyle and prepare yourself for life in the real world without drug or alcohol addiction.

Getting sober is hard work. But, it’s not impossible. We’re here for you as you take the proper steps on your new life path, navigating sobriety with support from people who understand what successful recovery takes.

Men's Only Sober Living Facility

Our private & comfortable sober living environment for men allows you to focus on your recovery with less distractions, as well as learn how to process and express your emotions in a healthy way.

24-Bed Apartment Style Living in Beautiful Stuart, Florida

Our facility is in a nice South Florida neighborhood, conveniently located near hundreds of local businesses. We offer free Wi-Fi and cable, as well as community activities.

12-Step Fellowship Meetings

Our 12-step self-help meetings are designed to support you through your recovery after drug or alcohol addition, helping prepare you for an independent sober lifestyle.

Meet Our Team

Christopher Slater

Christopher Slater

I never believed that I was an addict until I woke up on the jailhouse floor from yet again, another blackout. My last incident was the culmination of years of systematically self-medicating with any and all chemicals that I could procure. My feelings throughout my life were if I was not hurting anyone while using my action was acceptable. Today I see that my actions and attitudes were far from acceptable in my eyes, my family’s eyes, and most importantly God’s eyes.

    I first used chemicals on my 15th  birthday; the very next day began my drift from the Lord and my family.

   Over the next 30 years, I became a “functioning” addict, who can make a direct connection to any and all failed relationships due to my chemical use and dependency. I have had many run-ins with law enforcement over my life, but never once when I was not in an altered state due to my ingesting chemicals.

   Throughout my career, I would sabotage myself believing that I was not worthy of success. I also believed that I was one of the finest fellows in the world. Yet I would drink for a day and become disgustingly and even dangerously anti-social. I had a positive genius for getting tight at exactly the wrong moment, particularly when some important decision had to be made or an appointment kept. I was often perfectly sensible and well-balanced concerning everything except chemicals, but in that respect, I was incredibly dishonest and selfish. I also would build up a bright outlook for my family and myself, and then pull the structure down on my head with a series of senseless sprees. I was the fellow who puzzled others with my lack of self-control. I was a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

   Today, being restored going on over five years I am continually learning how to process my attitudes and character defects in a healthy manner with like-minded men associated with the “A Fresh Start Sober Living”. This would not have been remotely possible unless God saw fit to intercede in my life by plucking me off of the streets, to save my life and the lives of those in the community from me. Today, I am becoming the man that I was always intended to be, a spiritually mature man who is a benefit instead of a burden on society.

Why Choose A Fresh Start for Your New Sober Life

We understand that when it comes to SLHs in Florida, there is no shortage of options. Here’s why A Fresh Start should be your #1 choice for treatment near Martin and St. Lucie County:


We have a strong, caring support team who are committed to your successful recovery, offering a variety of tools, including community activities, to uplift you.



While you still have plenty of freedom, we provide structure including rules and regulations developed to help you adjust to life free from intoxicants.



Our clean, well-maintained SLH is located in a very nice, safe neighborhood, and we have security protocols in place to ensure your physical safety at all times.


After you’ve made the decision to get sober, drug / alcohol-free housing stability is critical to your success, and we provide housing for as long as you need it.


“The staff at A Fresh Start is a place where the staff really cares about the clients. Apartments are clean and spacious in a great neighborhood. A real chance at sobriety for me.”

Sean C. 

“A Fresh Start is a very clean beautiful and comfortable halfway house located in Stuart flordia in the north rivershores community. Im provided with a clean safe enviornnment to eat sleep, shower and create a life for myself in a healthy manner. The house is close to gyms, grocery and right off federal hwy. I would recommend this sober program to anyone ready for a nice place to start rebuilding their life for the better”

John S. 

“A Fresh Start Sober Living in Stuart Florida has been a much needed addition to my recovery and goals. The positive environment and support from staff has helped in my day to day routine, which has encouraged a healthier lifestyle helping me to maintain my so

Greg S.



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