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Addiction can be a very hard habit to break. While struggling with addiction, accountability is one of the most important steps toward recovery. In order to overcome addiction, a person must take accountability. 

Honesty and accountability are two of the most crucial steps to addiction recovery. One of the first steps of getting clean is taking responsibility for your actions. Afterward, you can focus on getting clean and understanding some of the mistakes you’ve made in the past. 

It can be difficult to come to terms with addiction. Taking accountability can be a freeing experience and can open the doors for a better, healthier life. Without this first step, a person will never be able to truly confront and cope with their addiction problem. 

The Effects of Addiction on The Mind

In many cases of addiction, a person might feel distant or unable to connect with others. This is due to the fact that addiction affects a person psychically and mentally. Continuous use of substances can have a big effect on a person’s behavioral patterns and emotions. 

These mental issues can affect relationships with other people and make it harder to interact with others. Additionally, addiction can cause guilt, depression, shame, and other mental hurdles. Together these elements can make a person more withdrawn and more hesitant to face their problem head-on. 

Understanding and accepting the truth about addiction can be a tough task, sometimes the pressure is so strong a person might even avoid getting professional help altogether. Accountability allows a person to understand and accept their problem with addiction. In recovery, accountability is an essential step to breaking free from the chains of addiction. 

What Does Taking Accountability Mean?

Accountability is taking responsibility for one’s actions and behaviors. It is a simple definition although many define the word differently. But, it is necessary to note that accountability means something more important when it comes to addiction recovery. 

Recovering from an addiction is a very hard task and taking accountability can be no different. This can be especially difficult when a person’s entire mind has changed because of their dependency on a drug. It is a long and patient journey with many ups and downs along the way. 

In many cases, people who are struggling with substance or alcohol abuse will pass their blame to others. Their behaviors and actions may indicate a resistance to deal with the issue altogether. Accountability in recovery means taking responsibility for your actions and your addiction. Understanding that you have a problem and are ultimately in control of your actions. 

Accountability During Addiction Recovery

Accountability is so important to have during recovery. In order to live a healthier and better life, you must accept your situation and understand the reasons you got here in the first place. Having a supportive foundation of friends, family members, therapists, and councilors by your side is essential to overcome addiction. Being accountable for your actions can make a huge difference down the line, for you and the people around you. 

We all make mistakes in our lives and without accountability, it is almost impossible to improve and recover from addiction. When it comes to substance or alcohol abuse, a positive and honest mind is what allows a person to recover from addiction and stay there for years to come.

Accountability also allows the person to get the most out of treatment. Addiction recovery is based on the idea that a person is willing to change and this includes accountability. Sometimes it can be tough to be accountable, especially during recovery but it is a necessary step to beating addiction. 

The Negatives of Not Taking Accountability

Taking accountability in recovery is essential for a successful treatment. There are also a few negative effects that not taking accountability can have on a person and their recovery. Without accountability, a person will:

  • Not take responsibility for their actions
  • Fail to realize faults and mistakes
  • Be in denial about alcohol or substance addiction
  • Develop another addiction to something different
  • Fail to accept the severity of their addiction
  • Show passive-aggressive behaviors or aggravation during recovery
  • Not be as willing to change and recover

A person cannot recover completely without taking accountability for their actions in the past and present. There are a lot of factors that make us act a certain way and it’s important to be aware of these. Taking responsibility and admitting your mistakes is essential and will make treatment more effective in the long run. 

Without accountability, the person will struggle hard to break free of addiction. Blaming others or being unwilling to change will only steer the topic away from the real problem. By taking accountability, a person will be open to recovering and become free from addiction in the long run. 

Accountability is not something that can be ignored if you really want to recover from substance or alcohol addiction. Admitting you have a problem might be the first step but recognizing your mistakes and taking responsibility for them is just as important. 

Accountability Through Other People

During the recovery process, some people might be against a 12-step program. 12-step programs have a false reputation for being long, and tedious processes for treatment. Not only this, but many are against the idea of having to face their problems head-on and doing so in front of others. Taking accountability during these sessions is a thought many seek to avoid. 

However, by ignoring the problem, you will never truly be able to recover. If you struggle with just the idea of facing your addiction head-on and taking accountability in recovery, then you have to look deeper. Think carefully about all the negative problems that addiction is causing in your life and to the people around you. 

Sponsors During Recovery

In many 12-step programs, recovering addicts are typically given a sponsor. Sponsors are a great way to obtain accountability in recovery. Sponsors give you the motivation and will to succeed during addiction recovery. 

An honest relationship with a sponsor allows a transparent look at your addiction. A sponsor should be honest while pointing out things you can improve on. By taking accountability and seeking to improve these pointers can be therapeutic and great for long-term recovery. 

At A Fresh Start, we provide effective and comfortable 12-step programs with sponsors. We understand it can be hard to recover from substance and alcohol addiction, and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. Accountability in recovery doesn’t have to be a confrontational ordeal, we’ll make sure you have a supportive team by your side. 

Accountability Partners During Treatment

The idea of sponsors is not only for 12-step programs. During addiction treatment, there are many instances where a person is assigned a treatment (or accountability) partner. This relationship helps in many ways to ensure motivation and an honest way to improve and do better during treatment. You don’t have to go through it alone. 

These partners allow you to maintain accountability and responsibility in each other during recovery. Taking responsibility doesn’t have to be an awkward, or uncomfortable situation, it can be eye-opening and freeing in many cases. Having someone in the same situation as you to talk to can do a great deal for long-term recovery and can help you overcome addiction together. 

Accountability After Treatment

While accountability is necessary to get better and to overcome addiction, it is also essential after treatment as well. Continuing to take responsibility and be aware of your actions can be a tough thing to do sometimes, even if you were able to open up during treatment. Down the line, you have to continue this trend in order to stay clean and avoid relapse down the line. 

There are many different resources available to you after treatment. Sponsors and accountability partners are both excellent tools after treatment. There are also a number of different forums and online chat rooms available to you so you can continue being responsible and clean. 

If you are concerned that a loved one or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it is important to get help as soon as you can. Sometimes you need an extra hand when trying to get someone to be accountable for their actions. A Fresh Start is here to be that helping hand for you and your loved ones. 

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At A Fresh Start, we understand the long and careful process of breaking free of addiction. Our passionate staff will help you overcome addiction with comfort and safety. We discussed how important it is to be accountable and responsible for your actions, and now it’s time for our part. 

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