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When it comes to finding a rehab facility that is the best fit, potential patients often overlook the fact that men and women have completely different needs. This is why here at A Fresh Start Sober Living, we offer programs and therapies specifically with male-centered treatment methods in mind. We do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, or sexual orientation because we understand that addiction also does not discriminate. 

Our staff at Fresh Start caters to your gender-specific needs for many different reasons. By focusing on treating how the male brain is affected by addiction, this will ultimately give our residents the greatest chance of recovering fully from their drug or alcohol addiction. We also have found that a lower percentage of our past patients relapse after graduating from our program because it is gender-based.

Are Men More Susceptible to Addiction?

Many studies have been conducted on how gender affects substance addiction. Most of these studies show that addiction tends to affect men almost double the number of times that it affects women.

11.5% of males over the age of 12 suffer from substance addiction versus only 6.4% of females. This is due to societal norms and expectations from each gender, as well as biological factors that also come into play. 

Some of the reasons men are more susceptible to developing substance use disorders and not being able to recover from them include:

  • Falling victim to peer pressure from friends and family members that also abuse substances because they don’t want to be discluded from a group
  • Males often experience more severe withdrawal symptoms from the substance they’ve been abusing
  • Men have a higher chance of trying substances at an earlier age, which coincides with the development of addiction disorders 
  • Individuals may turn to alcohol, which is easily accessible, to cope with coexisting disorders they may have especially depression
  • Men develop binge drinking patterns a lot more easily than women
  • Males are more likely to try illicit drugs in general and in larger amounts, like cocaine, meth, and heroin, which have a higher chance of substance abuse development

Because the factors of the development of addiction differ between men and women, gender-specific treatment must be used in recovery programs. If both genders receive the same treatment, the rate of success will be lower because patients are not getting the type of care they need. 

At Fresh Start, we recognize the validity of these studies. We know that by having a male-only treatment center, we will be able to give our patients the greatest chance at conquering their addiction. We also hope that, after completing our program, individuals continue to choose sobriety for the remainder of their lives.

Benefits of Male-Only Recovery Programs

One reason we believe that it is important to offer male-only recovery programs, like ours at Fresh Start, is because we recognize that men are often taught throughout their adolescence that asking for help is not an option. Most men believe that they must face every hard situation, like possible substance addiction, alone. If they ask for help, some men may think this means they are giving up their “power” in a way because they are meant to be seen as a provider and a protectant.

To combat these thoughts and feelings about asking for help, a male-centered facility like ours can help ease the anxiety that most men will face when they are unsure about attending treatment. Our initial goal is to show all of our potential patients that they are not “weak” for asking for help.

Male-only treatment centers are also beneficial because men often approach problematic situations from a structural perspective, whereas women are more emotionally-centered. They often feel more closed off to therapies that involve talking about their feelings and how those apply to their addiction disorder. By creating treatments and therapies that give them long-term goals and allow them to problem solve along the way during their stay here at Fresh Start, patients have a better chance at making a full recovery and avoid relapsing.

Supporting Members of the LGBTQ+ Community

Homosexual men may develop an addiction because of the societal ways of thinking that influence those around them. Some of these include hate crimes and discrimination. Also, homosexual men often encounter sexual, mental, and physical abuse. All of these factors can contribute to the development of different disorders and mood disturbances.

Gay men may become depressed, have suicidal thoughts and actions, or engage in self-harm due to the challenges they face. To cope with the thoughts and feelings they have regarding past and current situations they have been involved in, they may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of what they have going on. This can then turn into a more serious case of substance addiction down the line.

If not monitored, homosexual men can also face the discrimination that they do in the outside world from their peers in treatment. Because men have a higher chance of becoming aggressive and overly competitive in rehab, gay men may face prejudice for not being “manly” enough to conquer their addiction disorders.

Our mission here at A Fresh Start Sober Living is to help each patient to feel safe as they go through the process of recovery. We want to create an atmosphere where all men, regardless of their sexual orientation, can work to overcome substance dependence. We believe that every individual who is suffering from addiction deserves the chance to find freedom. So, our team works to provide each patient with the opportunity to do so.

Sober Living Facilities and How They Help

Sober living facilities are geared toward those who have suffered from severe cases of addiction and need more time to complete their recovery process. These kinds of facilities have been designed to offer a healthy, safe environment away from temptation for patients to receive treatment while also living in a community setting and interacting with other recovering addicts.

While there are benefits to co-ed sober living centers with both genders present, there is something to be said about sober living that offers gender-specific programs as we do at Fresh Start. In co-ed living, men and women often get distracted by the opposite sex because they are mostly isolated from the outside world. It is possible that they can lose focus on what they are in treatment for. Living amongst the other gender can also remind patients of past situations and trigger emotions and actions that might not occur if in gender-specific treatment.

We know that focusing solely only on male-only treatment can also come with its challenges, but we believe the pros strongly outweigh the cons. By allowing our patients to grow and recover from their addiction disorder at their own pace with no distractions, they will be able to transition back into a “normal” lifestyle more easily. 

Our Facility and What Programs We Offer

Our beautiful complex is located in Stuart, Florida about 5 miles from the Atlantic coast and less than a mile from the St. Lucie River. We are able to house up to 24 men at a time, and our two house managers are available to patients whenever they need them. 

Our apartments are 2-bedroom units that house two beds in each room and can hold up to four occupants at a time. There are common areas in each, and they include a full kitchen and a living room with TVs and wifi to use for cooking, watching shows, and hanging out. We also have a designated outdoor area that includes a screened-in porch area with couches and chairs. All of the units share this amenity, and all of our patients can use this area during designated hours.

Here at Fresh Start, we focus on the 12-step program method that keeps each of our patients accountable for their current and past actions with drug abuse. During this time at our facility, each resident will come face to face with their addiction and learn how to conquer it. We also reteach the men that attend our program on how to lead a sober life and how to avoid temptation once they leave. 

How A Fresh Start Sober Living Can Help You

As a male-centered program in Stuart, Florida, we seek to help every patient that walks through our doors recover completely from their substance abuse addiction. No matter the length of time it takes, our staff is willing to lead each patient in the direction of sobriety.

Is there a man in your life that you believe is struggling with substance abuse? Or have you fallen victim to alcoholism or drug addiction yourself? If you have any questions or concerns about what the next step is in your recovery, do not hesitate to contact our team at Fresh Start. You are also able to fill out an online application for our facility, so you can get a head start on the acceptance process. Let our staff help you or your loved one today!

Men’s Only Sober Living Facility

An all-male environment allows you to focus on your recovery with less distractions, as well as learn how to process and express your emotions in a healthy way.

24-Bed Apartment Style Living in Beautiful Stuart, Florida

Our facility is in a nice South Florida neighborhood, conveniently located near hundreds of local businesses. We offer free Wi-Fi and cable, as well as community activities.

12-Step Fellowship Meetings

Our 12-step self-help meetings are designed to support you through your recovery after drug or alcohol addiction, helping prepare you for an independent sober lifestyle.



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